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The National Honor Society for the

Earth Sciences

  Contact us:


  Sigma Gamma  Epsilon

  P.O. Box 506

  Gilbertville, IA 50634



  Paula Even  319-505-3391


  Email: even@sgeearth.org





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At the 45th Biennial Convention, delegates voted to change the membership fee and terms.  Beginning August 1, 2021, new members will pay a ONE time fee of $55 to become a LIFETIME MEMBERReturning members will only need to pay an additional $15 to become a LIFETIME MEMBER.   For this academic year only, returning members wishing to be active and become lifetime members should submit their name and $15 fee with their chapter on the Returning Member and Initiate Form located under Officer Resources (same as last year). Please do NOT submit them individually.


ALL Member forms (new and returning) and Chapter Officer forms are to be SUBMITTED ONLINE. To submit chapter member and initiate forms, please click hereAt the conclusion of your submission, you will have the option to pay online or send your payment with a copy of your submission.  To submit your chapter’s officer form, please click here.


If you choose to mail your payment, please send a check or money order payable to Sigma Gamma Epsilon with a copy of your forms to:

                                                    Sigma Gamma Epsilon

                                                    P.O. Box 506

                                                    Gilbertville, IA 50634


Please DO NOT send the FORMER paper forms. Thank you.


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46th SGE Biennial Convention

September 16-18, 2022

Selmer, TN

Hosted by Eta Alpha Chapter, University of Tennessee, Martin.  Come help shape your Honors Society and share ideas with fellow SGE members!

Visit a “type section” for the world famous Coon Creek Formation lagerstätte, a ~72 million year old fossil deposit that serves as Tennessee’s link to the Age of Dinosaurs.  Over 400 species of perfectly preserved fossil clams, snails, crabs, lobsters, swimming reptiles such as mosasaurs, turtles, fish, plesiosaurs, and even plant fossils are readily collected by visitors on the site. Collect fossils and take them home with you!

Forms and information will be available Spring 2022.




Congratulations to our 2021 Quality Chapters!

Gamma Sigma, University of Northern Iowa

Gamma Chi, Eastern Illinois University

Eta Gamma, Weber State University











Congratulations to our 2021 SGE Chapter Service Award Recipients!

Gamma Sigma, University of Northern Iowa

Gamma Chi, Eastern Illinois University